Obama’s Buddy Jeremiah Wright Just Said Something Ridiculous about Jesus

The media has long ignored the curious connection between President Barack Obama and the train of disturbed individuals that he has been accustomed to associate with. We were once again reminded of the gross company Obama has kept this past weekend when Obama’s former spiritual mentor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, spoke at a rally in Chicago in support of the Palestinian terrorists against the state of Israel. During his short remarks he said a stunning number of very wrong things… “We Read more […]

Obama’s Pastor Calls Tea Party a “Lynch Mob”

Jeremiah Wright, the infamous race-baiting “man of God” is calling the Tea Party a “lynch mob.” As President Obama’s pastor, Wright was shoved into the media spotlight in 2008, where his sermons were heavily critiqued for their racist narratives. Wright is now taking on the Tea Party, claiming they are like a “lynch mob 2.0” that’ll do anything to remove Obama from the White House.