Hillary’s Criminal Behavior Exposed

And there you have it, folks. The smoking gun has finally arrived in the Hillary Clinton email scandal saga. We’ve already had several bits of information drop that would be enough to prove to most reasonable people that Clinton was guilty of some crime, but the liberal media is not “reasonable people.” However, the latest revelation from the email scandal investigation has the former Secretary of State commanding her subordinates to strip the “classified” markings from data that she Read more […]

Jim Webb is Clearly the Best Choice for Democrats

Perhaps the most important clarifying moment of the Democrat debate came when the Democrat candidates named the enemies they are most proud to have made. Lincoln Chafee: The Coal Lobby, because he’s worked so darned hard to fight against Climate Change. Martin O’Malley: The National Rifle Association, because he’s worked so darned hard to take away Americans Constitutional liberties. Bernie Sanders: Wall Street and the Pharmaceutical Industry Hillary Clinton: The NRA, the Health Read more […]

New Daily Show Host Mocks the Democrat Debate!

Trevor Noah tonight couldn’t help but laugh at a lot of what went down at last night’s Democratic debate, especially with the candidates not polling so well. He mocked Hillary Clinton for playing the gender card to tout her outsider status and asked if, really, the only difference between her and President Obama is “different parts.” But his strongest barbs were aimed at Lincoln Chafee, who had the “worst night of his life” from his awkward defense of a vote on something he now Read more […]

The Video Hillary does Not Want You to See

The Republican National Committee released a new attack ad targeting Hillary Clinton over her private email scandal ahead of the first Democratic presidential debate on Tuesday. “Ahead of the #DemDebate, this is the video Hillary doesn’t want you to see,” Priebus wrote on Twitter. The video shows Clinton claiming she didn’t send or receive classified information on her private email followed by reports that contradict the claim. The ad also emphasizes the seriousness of the FBI investigation Read more […]

The Fight for the New Speaker of the House isn’t Chaos – it’s Democracy

The free-for-all over choosing a new House speaker isn’t chaos; it’s democracy. The Republicans have decided to have a little bit of authentic democracy within their party, and polite Washington is flipping out. John Boehner decided that he no longer wants to be speaker of the House, or a member of Congress, so he is retiring. This in itself confuses and vexes official Washington: Why would a man who worked so hard in his life, rising from very modest origins to become the second-most-powerful Read more […]

Hillary Now Against TPP after saying 45 Different Times that she was for it!

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, seems reluctant to take a firm position on an issue dividing her party: whether President Obama should have fast-track trading authority for the immense trade deal he has been negotiating, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. With some progressive voters eyeing her with some skepticism, and facing a challenge (such as it is) from candidates on her left, she is being advised to tack in that direction. President Read more […]

Why Gunmen Target Gun-Free Zones

There has been another horrible crime committed and once again it is followed by calls for so-called universal background checks on private transfers of guns. Hillary Clinton vows, if she becomes president, to use executive action to enact such rules. She is angry that Republicans “refuse to do anything” about mass shootings. But gun-control advocates face a couple of problems. First, the law that President Obama and other Democrats keep pushing wouldn’t have stopped Thursday’s Read more […]

Teamsters Choose Not to Endorse Clinton – Want to Meet with Trump!

The Teamsters union is withholding an endorsement for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, further eroding Clinton’s support from Big Labor. The Teamsters union’s general executive board voted unanimously Tuesday, 26-0, to hold off on endorsing Clinton at its meeting in Charleston, South Carolina. Fox News reportsthat the vote was meant as “an intentional snub” of Clinton for backing away from her previous support for the job-creating Keystone pipeline. Read more […]

Hillary Can’t Name One Difference between Her and Bill Clinton or Barack Obama

On Monday afternoon, Meet The Press host Chuck Todd debuted his MTP Daily by airing Part 2 of his sit down with Secretary Hillary Clinton, and by the looks of things the struggling Democratic frontrunner should have stopped there. After all, guest Eugene Robinson remarked after Part 1 on Sunday, “ I think if I were with the Clinton campaign, I would be very pleased with that appearance.” However, the second half of Todd’s interview provided a tougher playground for Clinton, who when pressed Read more […]

Hillary Flipped Out On Obama, Told Him to “Call Off” His “F***ing Dogs!”

Wow. It would appear that things are not all well in the land of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. While no one has ever considered the two politicians to be close personal friends, we at least thought that they were probably amicable partners in America’s destruction. Apparently, we were wrong. A new book by Edward Klein called “Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary” outlines the details of one particularly explosive confrontation between Hillary Clinton (then Secretary of State) and President Read more […]

Nancy Pelosi: What Difference Does It Make What Was in the Spending Deal?

It seems that the question “What difference does it make?” continues to be touted by radical socialist Democrats. First it was former State Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton as she became flustered during questioning about Benghazi. Just days ago, following the spending bill that screwed over the American taxpayer for political expediency, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked “What difference does it make” what was in the spending bill. Pelosi addressed reporters during a weekly press briefing Read more […]