Hollywood Star James Woods Slams Obama for Ignoring Crimes Committed Against Christians

James Woods has always been one of my favorite actors and over the past couple of years, his outspokenness over the issue of several issues has also earned my respect. Following the Oregon shooting, Woods blasted the Obama administration and the media for not really pointing out that it was a crime that was aimed at the followers of Jesus Christ. After Chris Harper Mercer killed nine people and wounded seven last Thursday, reportedly singling out those who were Christians for execution, Woods Read more […]

The Lesson American Christians Need to Learn from Oregon

Late last week, a madman who was apparently an anti-Christian zealot, entered Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon and murdered 9 innocent people. Because the motto of the left in America is “Never let a serious crisis go to waste,” the first liberal reactions to the shooting were, of course, calls for more gun control. Many good conservatives are responding to these fallacious liberal arguments, so I won’t get into them here, but I do want to discuss something that I think has thus Read more […]

Did Oregon’s Anti-Christian Laws Lead to Anti-Christian Shooting?

Let’s think like a liberal for a moment. We won’t do it too long since some of you are susceptible to headaches and fits of anger and rage at the mere thought of thinking like a liberal. Sometime’s it’s necessary. It called “forcing the antithesis,” adopting the operating assumptions of a worldview and working them out consistently. You may recall how talk radio was blamed for the Oklahoma City bombing and rhetoric on the Right was blamed for the shooting U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords Read more […]