Obama Again Delays Deadline For Plans Cancelled Because of Obamacare Until After Next Election

The Obama administration announced Wednesday that it would allow insurers to keep until October 2016 health plans that do not meet Obamacare regulations, pushing back another Affordable Care Act deadline well past November’s midterms. Facing the prospect of another wave of cancellation notices this fall, the administration took even further action to mitigate the blowback from President Obama’s broken promise that all Americans could keep their health care plans under Obamacare. The Department Read more […]

Fourth Georgia Hospital Closes Due to Obamacare Payment Cuts

The fourth Georgia hospital in two years is closing its doors due to severe financial difficulties caused by Obamacare’s payment cuts for emergency services. The Lower Oconee Community Hospital is, for now, a critical access hospital in southeastern Georgia that holds 25 beds. The hospital is suffering from serious cash-flow problems, largely due to the area’s 23 percent uninsured population, and hopes to reopen as “some kind of urgent care center,” CEO Karen O’Neal said. Many hospitals Read more […]

Dem Senator: Maybe We Should Delay Obamacare Until After the Election

If only Republicans had thought of this idea when it was still logistically feasible, say, just before the law’s horrific implementation roll-out. What a novel solution from Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), who was already on the record in support of an individual mandate delay: “You’re just picking and choosing,” the West Virginia Democrat said of the administration’s decision. “First it’s basically the large employers, then it’s medium groups, then it’s 50 to 100 — medium-sized. Read more […]

Tennessee Moves to Ban Implementation of ObamaCare

Tennessee state lawmakers have decided to step up and take on Obamacare in the Volunteer State. The U.S. House of Representatives tried to defund the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act several times last year, and we’ve seen various congressional moves to repeal it. But in the current political climate, there is no way to stop implementation of Obamacare through action in Washington D.C. In the meantime, the federal bureaucracy continues to move full speed ahead implementing President Read more […]

Obama Exposed In ANOTHER Massive Obamacare Lie

The majority of the public and reporters are becoming quite agitated when it comes to the cloudiness around Obamacare–Obama is yet to deliver one, straight forward truth. As it turns out—and it’s really sad to say that it is no big surprise that our President is being dishonest AGAIN—Obama has been exposed again in another major Obamacare lie. This time, Obama is lying about how many people have enrolled in Medicaid because of Obamacare. On January 2, White House Deputy Senior Advisor Read more […]

MSNBC Calls Catholic Nuns ‘A Threat’ to Obamacare

Monday’s NOW with Alex Wagner on MSNBC started with some video footage of nuns singing songs to the elderly poor. But, judging by the discussion that ensued between Wagner and her two guests, you’d think the Little Sisters of the Poor were more intimidating than the Sopranos. “The administration must now deal with this latest threat to the nation’s health care law: these ladies, the Little Sister of the Poor.” That was MSNBC’s Wagner, who also actually said: “It seems this administration Read more […]

Obamacare Results: Cancelled Plans Outnumber Enrollments

Remember when Obama promised that his healthcare plan would make sure every American had insurance coverage? Well, the numbers are in, and so far, more Americans have lost their coverage than those who have enrolled in Obamacare. At least 4.7 MILLION people have LOST their insurance coverage to date. As of yesterday, only 2 million customers signed up for Obamacare via the state and federal exchanges. Why were all those plans cancelled? They didn’t meet the “higher standards of the Affordable Read more […]

Legislators Introducing Bill to Nullify Obamacare in Georgia

Four state representatives announced today that they are introducing legislation to block Obamacare in Georgia. State representative Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine), with three other representatives, will hold a press conference on Monday, Dec. 16 to discuss the proposal. In a press release, Rep. Spencer explained the bill’s goal: “The bill’s main thrust is to prohibit state agencies, officers and employees of the state from implementing any provisions of the Affordable Care Act, leaving Read more […]