T-shirt Company Prosecuted for Not Making ‘Gay’ Apparel

A Kentucky clothing company that refused to produce T-shirts for a “gay”-pride festival because of the owner’s Christian beliefs is appealing a state Human Rights Commission’s ruling of “unlawful discrimination.”

Blaine Adamson, owner of Hands On Originals in Lexington, has employed and served homosexuals, but he refused a request by the local Gay and Lesbian Services Organization to promote messages that violate his beliefs.

And an attorney defending Adamson said the ramifications could be significant.

“A book editor or ghostwriter could be forced to write a book advocating messages they find contrary to their convictions based on this ruling,” ADF Senior Legal Counsel Jim Campbell said. “The litmus test now seems to be: Does the order arguably implicate a protected class or a protected characteristic? If it does, then the logic of it … would require every business that promotes messages and ideas to go against their beliefs.

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