Study: Most Obamacare Enrollees Already Had Insurance

The whole stated purpose of Obamacare was to provide a way for the uninsured to get insurance through the use of government mandates and fines. When the Democrats were campaigning for Obamacare, they’d drone on about how many uninsured people there were as a way to tug at America’s heartstrings the same way they pretended to care about the kids who died in Sandy Hook, while turning a blind eye to the tens of millions of unborn babies who have been murdered for their own good.

Millions of insurance cancellations and premium hikes later (and how could we forget the website that was put together by a couple 6th graders), all they have to show for is a tiny group of people that has actually enrolled in an Obamacare exchange and paid their first premium.

Here’s Wynton Hall with Breitbart:

A McKinsey & Co. report finds that just 27% of the individuals who bought health insurance through early February were previously uninsured, and of those, just half have actually activated their coverage by making their first month’s premium payment. That means that just over 13% of Obamacare paying customers in February were people who were previously uninsured.

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