Students at the University of Missouri Have Created a Totalitarian Utopia

The University of Missouri has lost its collective marbles.

In response to ongoing student protests over the school’s racial climate, Tim Wolfe stepped down from his post as the university system’s president on Monday. Later in the day, Wolfe was joined by Columbia’s campus chancellor R. Bowen Loftin, who announced he’d be abandoning his position at year’s end to take a different role at the institution.

The resignations of these two executives were met with cheers from student protesters and their faculty enablers who claimed Wolfe and Loftin hadn’t done enough to counter what they feel is a growing culture of on-campus racism.

To hear the demonstrators tell it, racist undertones have long been simmering beneath the facade of smiling faces found on recruitment brochures at the University of Missouri, and this “reality” has made life in Columbia unbearable for students of color and other marginalized groups.

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