Speaker Ryan Welcomes 300,000 More Taxpayer-Funded Muslim Refugees To America

Establishment Republicans befuddled by why the 2016 Republican presidential nominating process is being dominated by Ted Cruz and Donald Trump need look no further than yesterday’s failed Senate vote on their much ballyhooed bill to force Obama to conduct a security investigation on each of the refugees he brings to America at taxpayer expense.

Democrats mounted a successful pseudo-filibuster to block the legislation, leaving Obama a free hand to run the refugee program as he sees fit, but that was really the Republican establishment’s plan all along after they rebuffed conservative demands to defund the refugee program in the must-pass Omnibus.

Leading the charge against including any defund or restriction on the refugee program in the Omnibus was Speaker Paul Ryan, who also wrongly claimed at the time that restricting Muslim immigration to America was “unconstitutional.”

Ryan’s cynical ploy to keep funds flowing to the Syrian refugee threat was reminiscent of the ploy used by his mentor, former Speaker John Boehner, to keep the funds flowing to Obama’s “executive amnesty” for illegal aliens program.

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