South Carolina Considers Mandatory Gun Education At Public Schools

A pair of bills filed in each house of South Carolina’s legislature aim to eliminate the zero-tolerance attitude towards guns in schools by allowing or even mandating gun safety and Second Amendment-related curricula.

State Rep. Alan Clemmons, who introduced the House bill, says he was inspired to act by the story of a student who was arrested at school over a fictional essay he wrote in which he talked about buying a gun to kill a neighbor’s pet dinosaur. The zero-tolerance attitude towards guns in schools, Clemmons argues, is undermining knowledge of, and respect for, the Second Amendment.

“We are giving short shrift to the one amendment that protects all others,” Clemmons told The Greenville News.

Under Clemmons’ proposed bill, one-third of an existing nine-week educational unit dedicated to the U.S. Constitution would now be centered on education related to the Second Amendment, including textual analysis as well as history lessons explaining the amendment’s passage and the key Supreme Court cases it was involved with. Parents would be allowed to have their children sit out of these lessons.

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