So Why is Wikipedia Afraid of Bradlee Dean?

The opposition to Christ and His Church has always taken place throughout history, whether it was in the Old Testament or the New Testament. Today is no different. Bradlee Dean is one of those on the front lines occupying the ground that Christ has won for His people. As a result, he has come under attack from the militant sodomites, communists, socialists and yes, even the professed Church because of his stand in the public square against unrighteousness. He has also been the target of Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia, but the question is, why?

Following his conversion, Bradlee Dean took to the streets and the public indoctrination centers we call public schools and has sought to reach the younger generation for Christ, reminding them of the price paid for their freedoms in America and also in the spiritual realm. On the flip side of that is Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. He apparently earned his living early on by the trafficking pornography via a website called Bomis(dot)com.

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