Shock Face: Former Gitmo Detainees Flocking Back to Terrorism!

New statistics show 196 former Guantanamo detainees are suspected or confirmed to have returned to insurgent or terrorist activities, a report released Thursday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence confirms.

The percent of those suspected in re-engaging with militants, since statistics were last released in March, rose to 12.1 percent, — a 1.4 percent increase — while the percent of confirmed recidivists remained level at 17.9 percent.

Since 2009, a total of 653 detainees have been released or transferred to other facilities from the Cuba-based military prison.

According to the ODNI, trends indicate more detainees are likely to re-engage after they are transferred, especially if moved to countries with political unrest.

President Obama continues to push to shut down the facility, much to the dismay of Republicans and some Democrats in Congress who don’t support bringing terrorist suspects on U.S. soil or sending them to their native countries.

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