Sheriff: Obama Responsible For Crimes Committed By Illegals He Enables To Stay In This Country

DHS is working hard to protect their new imported illegal alien population, employing intimidation and other tactics upon their own employees to prevent them from doing their job, protecting the United States of America. Just as “Maximum Security” prisons were not created for the benefit of the inmates, Homeland Security is increasingly less about protecting Americans and more a means through which to control and manipulate the population of our country.

Sheriff Paul Babeu and Stuart Varney discuss the lawsuit filed by Patricia Vroom, a career U.S. ICE attorney who was prevented from prosecuting drunk driving, identity theft and other crimes against illegal aliens because of political considerations. Clearly DHS Chief Jeh Johnson is facilitating lawbreaking and obstructing justice.

He also describes a practice that, when it becomes inevitable that the illegals will be prosecuted for their crimes by local authorities, ICE then deports them to safety. The release of criminals into the population with their identities sealed from law enforcement by the Obama regime is also covered. It is a practice which may benefit both the illegals as well as the Obama officials, as the repeat offenders are not known as such on subsequent criminal arrests.

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