Sheriff David Clarke: Modern Liberalism Under Obama Is A Wrecking Ball That Celebrates Racial Division

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, WI, notes that he recently provided testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, contrasting his credentials as a true law enforcement professional with the “lap dog bureaucrats” and “academic elitists” which populated the so-called “President’s” Task Force on 21st Century Policing.”

He characterizes those on the right as “kind of getting it” when it comes to the reality of policing but that the leftists are just distracting from the real problem of the American ghetto, which is not the American police officer. He identifies that problem, saying, “It is modern liberalism that has been a wrecking ball on the black community and the black family structure.”

He continues, saying, “Modern liberalism celebrates black underachievement, it finds excuses for subhuman behavior, and it blames other people for some flawed lifestyle choices, questionable at best lifestyle choices, made on behalf of many young black males, unfortunately. And I want to keep this focus on where we really need and where we can really make some strides and this is when we start to shame this culture.”

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