Sheriff Clarke: Holder Created Enviroment for Attempted Murder of Ferguson Cops

In a most blatantly hypocritical example of the pot calling the kettle black, Attorney General Eric Holder described the perpetrator of the police shooting in Ferguson as a “punk trying to sow racial discord.” The Attorney General could quite easily be describing himself, his racist community organizer ‘president,’ or any number of the race pimps they’ve empowered over the last seven months.

Sheriff David Clarke is livid over the event and insulted by the tepid nature of the regime’s response to a situation nationally which is of their own making. He decried the adolescent and dismissive use of a Tweet on the part of the White House occupier to address the attack, one that was signed in “hipster” fashion as – “bo.” Even when his violent racist chickens come home to roost, there’s time and a place for the “coolness of Obama.”

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