Senior Obama Adviser Believes a Stronger ISIS is Necessary to Keep America Safe

Jake Tapper interviews Obama’s Iranian-born senior advisor Valerie Jarrett and, rather than asking her why terrorism has exploded under his regime, Tapper asks more diplomatic and more easily talked around questions which generally refer to the same thing.

He ticks off some of the recent and current Islamic terrorist acts and asks, “Even with the airstrikes being carried out by the ‘U.S. coalition,’ this group doesn’t seem to be degraded or destroyed much at all. Is it possibly time for a different strategy?”

Silly Jake, a different strategy would require an admission that the current one is not working, in essence a recognition by Obama that he was wrong, and we all know that will never happen. It also would be based upon a false premise that the objective of the least transparent regime in history actually is that of defeating Islamic terrorism. Maybe Jake wants to give the regime the benefit of the doubt, but once things become obvious, there is no longer any room for doubt and that benefit can’t be offered. Team Obama crossed that threshold long ago.

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