Senator Rand Paul Calls Obama’s Surgeon General Nominee a Basher of 2nd Amendment

Senator Rand Paul is placing a procedural hold on President Obama’s nominee for Surgeon General and he sat down with Fox’s Shannon Bream to discuss why. Not only is Vivek Murthy vastly under qualified for the position, but he is a huge supporter and pusher for strict gun control. As Paul pointed out, the position of Surgeon General is a non-partisan one. It should not be used to push an agenda that is Republican or Democrat; rather, we should all be able to get behind a Surgeon General because their aim is to advocate for public health.

Paul explained:

“Think about what surgeon generals have done through history. Being against smoking, being against obesity. Things that are bad for your health. That’s a reasonable public health concern. But to be someone who’s beating up on the Bill of Rights? That’s not what we need. He truly is a basher of the Bill of Rights.”

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