Senate a Heart Beat Away From Destroying the First Amendment

Chuck Schumer – scion of the Left and senior Senator from the Nanny State of New York — believes that he and his comrades in the Senate could be very close to derailing our freedom of speech… and he seems to think this is a GOOD THING. Senator Schumer is spearheading an effort to get a “media shield law” passed through Congress, and he believes that there are now enough supporting members in the Senate to get the job done. Several high profile Republicans seems ready to join the Democrats and liberal Independents in an effort to pass new provisions to ensure that members of the press retain their right to free speech/press.

I’ve written on the issues several times – but apparently Mr. Schumer has failed to read (or be persuaded) by my arguments against a media shield law. (You can see those pieces hereherehere and here.) I am not ready to say that the Democrats are purposely pursuing this media shield law for selfish reasons… but I think that’s what’s going on here. Democrats claim altruistic reasons for pursuing media shield laws – claiming to be protecting media freedom — but the Bill of Rights already clearly makes provision for this.

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