Secession Movement Sweeping Maryland & Colorado

Could we soon have 52 states? The succession movements in Colorado and Maryland are at full speed. Citizens in Alleghany, Carroll, Frederick, Garrett and Washington counties don’t feel that their interests are being represented in Annapolis any longer. Now they are looking to split off from the rest of the state to form Western Maryland. This effort is being called: A New State initiative.

Scott Strzelczyk, leader of the Western Maryland initiative puts it bluntly, “people are fed up with the liberal majority and want an “amicable divorce.”

The five counties make up about 11% of the entire state and lean heavily Republican.
Meanwhile, a similar effort is underway in rural Colorado where citizens in 8 counties are weighing the idea to break away to form Northern Colorado in reaction to gun control and a push for expanded renewable energy measures from the state legislature in Denver.

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