Seattle Schools Ban Soda But Give Away Birth Control Without Parental Consent

Remember when it was the parent’s job to mold their children? Remember when parents were supposed to teach their children how to be responsible, law abiding, and respectful citizens? Remember when we as a people believed that it was the responsibility of the parents to instill moral values into their children?

Remember when it was the parent’s job to make decisions about the health and well being of their children?
Those days may soon be a distant memory to all but the oldest curmudgeons among us if conservatives don’t begin fighting back against the liberal culture of government-based parenting.

At 13 different Seattle, Washington, public schools children are not allowed to purchase sugary drinks like Coca-Cola (even with their parents’ consent), but they can be implanted with an intrauterine device (IUD) without anyone notifying their parents!

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