Seattle Mayor Proposes Sharia-Compliant Home Loans for Muslims

For many Americans, owning a home is out of reach. Various reasons can prohibit someone from being able to purchase a home — lack of down payment, income limits, and, at times, interest rates. Some Americans struggle their entire lives without being able to purchase a home. Despite this reality for many Americans, Seattle, Washington, Mayor Ed Murray wants to do something about Muslims being unable to buy a home. His plan includes the usual recommendations, such as “increasing the city’s housing levy and implementing new rules and regulations to foster development of market-rate and lower-income housing.” For Muslims, a committee recommended the city explore “options for increasing Sharia-compliant loan products.”

As reported in the Puget Sound Business Journal, “[The] suggestion would help followers of Sharia law buy houses. That’s virtually impossible now because Sharia law prohibits payment of interest on loans.”

Talk about “creeping Sharia,” and here is a good example. City politicians and planners are actively suggesting that lenders offer loans for a home purchase to Muslims without having interest attached to the repayment of the loan.

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