Seattle Liberals FURIOUS That They Have To Pay More For Meals Because Of $15 Minimum Wage

Seattle has long considered itself to be cutting edge, and of course leans towards the very, very liberal side of the coin when it comes to politics. Naturally, Seattle was the first to elect a real live Socialist to City Council (I’m not kidding). She championed the already high Washington State Minimum Wage to be raised from $9.47 to $15.00 an hour. While this failed statewide, Seattle and Port of Seattle have adopted the $15 an hour wage – and it isn’t sitting well with most people, contrary to what our local news affiliate may report. Three popular local eateries are doing away with tipping entirely, and giving us all an 18.5% service fee – to provide ‘benefits’ for employees. Uhm, OK…

The restaurants — the Whale Wins, Walrus and the Carpenter, and Barnacle — will soon implements an 18.5 percent service fee on all meals. To offset that added cost, the restaurants are banning tips.

Jeremy Price, owner of the Whale Wins, said the change in policy is a reaction to the city’s higher minimum wage and the added costs associated with the Affordable Care Act.

“All those things kind of started us thinking about all this,” he said.

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