School Choice Under Attack By Obama

In Europe first and now in America, elected men have taken it upon themselves to indebt their people to create an atmosphere of dependency. And why? For their own selfish need to increase their own personal power.” – Pope Francis

Our political class is selfishness in the flesh. They prey on all of us in order that they may hold on to, and consolidate their power. From this selfish political class extend tendrils which have inserted themselves into every industry, and every facet of our existence. We are deeply infected by our sometimes invisible connections to the wasteland of the federal government. One of the most deeply diseased institutions in our country is the education system. A corrupt coalition of bureaucrats collides with the federal government to keep the public school system as it is, instead of pushing it to succeed. This bureaucratic coalition is called the teachers’ unions.

Last week, a state court ruled that Louisiana must provide demographic details to the federal government regarding its school voucher program. Eric Holder and the Obama administration had previously sued the state of Louisiana regarding the voucher program. The claim by the administration was that the program created segregated environments in schools. Despite evidence to the contrary from the state, the administration continued to press.

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