Rush Openly Calls for Destruction of GOP

When Speaker Paul Ryan was handed the keys to his new office in October, conservatives braced themselves but were somewhat excited about the reality of a House no longer led by RINO former Speaker John Boehner. The future appeared to be a little brighter.

But as darkness fell Tuesday night, Ryan showed us that he’s happy to walk in Boehner’s footsteps along the same path, and now conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has called him on it, saying that congressional Republicans had sold America “down the river.”

The 2016 Omnibus appropriations package was passed without a fight, and it was stuffed full of cheese for President Barack Obama’s agenda. It included generous funding for the disgusting baby-part selling organization we know as Planned Parenthood, put an end to efforts to stop Obama’s dangerous Syrian refugee program and funded Obama’s “climate change” agenda.

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