Rush Limbaugh: Tea Party ‘way of life’ under assault

On Monday, Rush Limbaugh said that the Tea Party is a “way of life” and the Republican establishment and Washington’s permanent political class have as much of a chance of destroying it as the left has of eliminating Christmas from American life.

Limbaugh said on his radio show that the “left cannot get you to stop believing in Christ. They can’t get you to stop believing in Christmas, no matter how they attack it. All they can do is shield themselves from whatever it is about it that makes them uncomfortable and feel unwanted and abnormal.”

He said “by the same token,” the permanent political class will “never ever” be “able to make you stop believing in freedom, in liberty, in the concepts of entrepreneurism and the rugged individualism, limited government, all of that.”

“They are not gonna give up trying, however. There will be continued assaults primarily on leaders that identify and arise, witness Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin and others,” Limbaugh said.

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