Rush: GOP Establishment Wants the Republican to Lose Virginia Gov Race So They Can Blame Tea Party

If Republican Ken Cuccinelli does not defeat Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s race for governor Tuesday, there is a strong possibility the GOP establishment will actually be happy, according to talk-radio giant Rush Limbaugh.

“‘You’re losing elections for us!’ I think that’s what they want to say,” Limbaugh said Monday. “I don’t know this, but I’m telling you that I don’t think there would be that much disappointment if Cuccinelli lost.”

“If that’s right, if that happens to be true, stop and think about what that means: that you actually have the Republican establishment with a chance to win another governorship in Virginia, and they’d be OK if they lose it because they’ll get to blame the tea party and conservatives for it. And I think there’s very little doubt that the Republican Party is not happy with its base – tea party and conservatives.”

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