RUSH: GOP Establishment Does Not Want To Run Against ObamaCare

I’ve got so much stuff here today, folks, and I’m trying to figure out which I want to do first. Here’s Obama with deportations, and here’s Obama with determining who gets overtime, all of this is a distraction. It’s all a distraction from what’s happening with the economy and with Obamacare. I guess this is the big deal to me. We have this massive electoral victory on Tuesday in Florida, Florida 13. And I’ll be damned if the Republican establishment is not doing its best in high gear to tell everybody, “Hey, don’t think that Obamacare was the main factor here.”

It is becoming clear to me — not that it needs to be any more clear — that the Republican establishment does not want to run against Obamacare. Karl Rove has a column today. Karl Rove is on TV this morning on Fox, but there are others in the Republican establishment saying, “Hey, hey! You know, it wasn’t just about Obamacare,” and I’ve heard other members in the Republican establishment say that David Jolly did not say repeal.

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