Romney for Presidential Candidate Points to GOP Lack of Hope in 2016

It is hard to believe that we are facing another presidential primary season. It is even harder to believe that the GOP has such a bad field of candidates. Many of the same names which were in the race for the nod in 2012 are back. The same candidates who proved to be mere flashes in the pan or who were unable to raise the money are now in the running.

One name that troubles me more than most is that of Mitt Romney. I cannot understand Huckabee, but with the weak field, why not? But Mitt again? Really? I wish that I could say that it was because he is a Polytheist Idolater. He is, and that is a good reason to not vote for him, but this is not the only reason.

Just think of the many stances he has taken and then reversed. He was not for reversing Roe v. Wade; then, when the conservative base turned on him, he was pro-life. He wrote and passed Massachusetts state-mandated healthcare. Then, when facing Obama, he wants to stand against Obamacare.

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