Rick Perry: America Will Survive Obama as It Did Carter

President Obama’s unwillingness to enforce immigration laws is as great a foreign policy failure as his administration’s inability to defeat the Islamic jihadist army ISIS, declared former Texas Gov. Rick Perry at the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday morning.

“No one should be surprised when dictators decide, like Assad in Syria, to cross President Obama’s red lines, because Assad knows President Obama will note even defend the line that divides the United States from Mexico,” Perry said.

“There are no real consequences when dictators and adversaries defy America, and this must change,” said Perry, a presidential candidate in 2012 who has not declared his intentions for 2016

“For the world to be safer, America must be stronger. And for America to be safer, our border must be secure. Drug cartels and transnational gangs smuggle guns, drugs and people. They are a clear and present danger to the health and safety of all Americans. Any conversation about comprehensive immigration reform must begin with comprehensive border security,” Perry said.

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