Reverend Graham Slams Obama on ISIS

The Reverend Franklin Graham has been much more politically outspoken than his father, the Reverend Billy Graham, ever was. However, the issues that the younger Rev. Graham has been vociferous on all have to do with the church in our world. Whether on gay marriage, abortion or our conflict with Islam – including the violence being face by Christians in the Islamic world – the Reverend Graham has been a voice in the darkness calling our nation to repent.

His latest outburst focuses in on the horrible atrocities being committed against Christians by ISIS every day.

He was recently on Fox News’ the Kelly File speaking with Megyn Kelly about this very issue.

Reverend Graham began by pointing out his disgust with the fact that our government knew Christians were being slaughtered last year and still the President chose to make light of the evil that is ISIS – calling them “a JV team.” To which Megyn Kelly then said that whatever the President said then, he was now fully engaged in fighting ISIS.

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