Retired Police Officer Has Gun Confiscated Because of Insomnia

I know that we all have heard the horror stories about mix ups in the hospital. People go in for minor procedures and waking to find a leg amputated. It is a natural fear that such human error could take place. Especially when we consider the stress under which the medical community works. There is a high volume of patients and the push to cut cost. It is a surprise that these types of things do not really happen.

It is a surprise though that a case of insomnia can cost someone their right to bear arms. It sounds far fetched, but it is true. It happened to retire police officer and U.S. Navy veteran Donald Montgomery.

It all started last May when Donald could not sleep. In an effort to get some sleep, Donald went to the emergency room at a local hospital. They gave him some medicine to help. When this did not work, Donald went back to the emergency room. They admitted him, and he was hospitalized for 48 hours. His normal sleep returned, and he was released.

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