Raging Horror: Muslim Migrants Go On Rampage at Austria/Italy Border

“I saw an elderly Italian woman in a car that was surrounded by the immigrants. They pulled her by the hair out of the car and wanted to use it to go to Germany. They tried to topple the bus i was in. They threw feces at us, banging on the door for the driver to open it, spat on the glass.

A car with humanitarian aid came. Food and water. They just toppled it and stole everything.”

Here is a firsthand account of what I have been describing and writing about for well over a week now — the Muslim invasion of Europe.

“Refugees” in Europe are young, fit and overwhelmingly male.

Here in America, terror-tied CAIR is demanding that President Obama take in 100,000 of these hostile invaders. Obama is “weighing his options.” His administration is opening the door to the possibility of allowing more Syrian refugees into the United States. We will fight this.

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