Public School Teacher Tells Students that ‘God is a Myth’

A 12-year old girl from Katy, Texas was shocked when her 7th grade reading teacher told her that “God was a myth.”

12-year old Jordan Wooley was sitting in her reading class a few weeks back, working on an assignment where the students were asked to differentiate between fact, common assertion and opinion. One of the statements on the assignment required the student to think through the statement, “There is a God.”

Surprised, Jordan told her teacher that “it was a fact, indeed true, based on my religion, and she said that I was incorrect. I was wrong.” Even knowing what the teacher wanted her to say, Jordan says she decided to stick with her answer because she felt it was more important to be faithful than to please her teacher and get a perfect score. When she later texted her mother telling her what happened, Chantel Wooley was understandably outraged.

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