Public School Allows Gender Confused Teen Boy to Use Girls Bathroom

A “transgender” teen – a teen who was born a boy but has decided that he is actually a girl – will be allowed to use the girl’s restrooms and locker room at Atherton High School in Jefferson County Kentucky. The county appeals board decided to uphold the school’s nondiscrimination policy, which says that the school MUST accept whatever gender their students decide they would like to be.

Amazingly, the board is constructed of two teachers, two parents and a school administrator. I’m guessing that if either of the parents voted with the rest of the board (the vote came down 5-1), they must not have daughters in the school.

Clint Elliot, the lawyer for several Atherton High students and parents who were against the policy, said that the attempt at nondiscrimination simply discriminated against other students.

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