Pro-life Teenager Assaulted by Liberal Abortionist

Pro-life activists operate in a very dangerous world where passion is the primary emotion. Standing up for the unborn who have no voice and are legally murdered every day can be perilous work. The people we stand against often become quite angry when they hear us begging for the lives of their children – it’s hard for them to hear the truth, decide to make an evil decision and then not try and blame us for their shame. But we’re not trying to “shame” them… we’re just trying to save innocent lives.

An example of how dangerous the work of a pro-life activist can be happened recently when a young man in Alabama was admitted to the emergency room after being beat up by pro-choice advocates. His name is Ke’Ontai and he had been handing out Students for Life’s Abortion is not Social Justice Postcards in a local park when a man accosted him and started arguing with him about when life begins.

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