Pope Attacks Capitalism ‘Injustices’ – Covets America’s Wealth To Correct The World’s Problems

The Argentine Marxist wolf in Vatican sheep’s robes, Pope Francis, is quoted in the New York Times as having characterized capitalism as being the “dung of the Devil,” and branded it as a systemic “greed for money.” Those statements would indicate he’s quite comfortable in his own hypocrisy, exercising his lust for America’s supposedly ill-gotten wealth in conjunction with the UN, his global comrades, and the moneyed elites that have hijacked America.

Francis’ covetousness isn’t very unbecoming of a Pope. Attempting to redistribute what others earned through their own hard work, justified supposedly because he disagrees with our politics is naked, probably self-forgiven papal greed. He’s claiming global warming gives him a right that it doesn’t, a claim of moral justification that is strictly offered for public consumption. Marxists and materialists don’t believe in any rights other than their own, which are unlimited. The end justifies the means and Francis has his eyes on our stuff and our country.

In an article published in the New York Times on Saturday, Pope Francis went beyond his fairy tale proclamations that man is destroying the planet by virtue of our existence to criticizing capitalism as the underlying cause of global injustice. He threw a little of his Chicken Little proclamations about an apple that hit him on his papal noggin as well, for the sake of “legitimacy.” It’s a one-two punch, climate fraud leads to money. He can’t focus entirely on taking away our stuff, not yet anyway. The NYT writer went so far as to characterize Francis’ new attacks on America and freedom as “asking for a social revolution.”

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