Phyllis Schlafly: Goal of Gay Marriage is to ‘Wipe Out the Christian Religion’

While appearing on the May 11 edition of CRN’s “Talkback with Chuck Wilder,” Phyllis Schlafly, president and founder of Eagle Forum and a nationally-recognized leader of the conservative pro-family movement, said the goal of gay marriage is the ultimate destruction of the Christian religion, CNS News reported.

“Have you noticed that only Christian small-business people have been harassed and sued for refusing to participate in same-sex marriages, even though our fast-growing immigrant populations — you know of Muslims, Hindus and other faiths — are also opposed to that concept?” the host asked.

“The use of same-sex marriage to attack Christian businesses but not businesses run by members of other religions demonstrates what is really driving the demand for the new constitutional right to same-sex marriage,” he added. “And Phyllis, give them the bottom line. What is that bottom line?”

“Well, that is right,” she said in response. “They want to wipe out the Christian religion.”

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