PHOTOS: BLM Executes Bundy’s Cattle, Buries Them In Mass Graves

As the dust is settling around the Nevada Rancher standoff it appears as though Cliven Bundy didn’t quite get back all the cows that were taken from him. According to recent reports, many of the cows were discovered buried in mass graves after the government executed them.

Photos of the mass grave have been released as Bundy claims that he wants the world to see what the government did to his property. Certainly in an act of retaliation, they killed countless cows and buried them in mass graves including two of Bundy’s prize bulls.

The pictures were posted on Cliven Bundy’s Facebook page with the caption, “Digging up 1 of the HUGE holes where they threw the cows that they had ran to death or shot,” the picture’s description reads. “I feel that this NEEDS to be put out for the public to see.”

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