PETA: Eating Turkeys is Cannibalism

Pets are people too. In fact, even if they’re not your pets, they’re sentient beings like humans. Therefore, when we eat other animals, we’re basically eating other people.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, PETA released an ad featuring actress Gillian Anderson in a Hannibal-themed setting, sitting at the head of a long table with what appears to be some sort of roasted meat. You hear Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21, 2nd Movement (Andante) in the background as the camera closes in on Anderson’s face. She says, “Eating meat. It’s a matter of taste.” The camera falls slowly to reveal a bandaged stump where her leg was. (Gasp!) The “roast” on the table was her leg.

The message here is that when we eat meat, such as turkey this Thanksgiving, we might as well be eating ourselves. Check out the shocking and thought-provoking ad here:

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