Pelosi On Cantor Loss: Tea Party Pulling GOP To The ‘Radical Right’

According to Pelosi the Dems now have a shot at winning the midterms . . . hey, stop laughing, she’s serious!

Via Politico:

Nancy Pelosi said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s loss has created a “ whole new ballgame” for the midterm elections.

Cantor lost in an upset to tea party challenger Dave Brat on Tuesday, an outcome Democrats quickly jumped on as a sign that the Republican Party is being pulled to the right by its conservative wing.

“Eric Cantor has long been the face of House Republicans’ extreme policies, debilitating dysfunction and manufactured crises. Tonight is a major victory for the Tea Party as they yet again pull the Republican Party further to the radical right,” she said in a statement.

The California Democrat added, “As far as the midterms elections are concerned, it’s a whole new ballgame.”

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