Pelosi: Hillary Should be President Because She’s a Woman

At least that argument for why Hillary should be President isn’t based on fiction (just bad argumentation).

This sounds vaguely like last time when people wanted to vote for an inexperienced man all because he was half-black. Who cares about his policies, or his few votes as Senator, or his ideology, or the fact that he hadn’t really done anything. What was important was that he was black. And he danced on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Anyone who didn’t vote for him was labeled a racist. If you weren’t in favor of his “signature achievement” of the [not-so] Affordable Care Act, you were a racist. If you disagreed with any of his other policies, you were a racist. Also, saying that people only voted for him because he was black was racist.

Now, we’ve got a woman running for president, and the same thing will happen, except instead of racism, it’ll be sexism if you don’t support her. In fact, even calling her by her first name is sexist.

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