Pelosi: GOP ‘Heartless’ for Wanting Unemployment Benefits to be ‘Paid For’

On Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., continued her drumbeat against Republicans, claiming GOP lawmakers are heartless for wanting measures to stimulate job creation and demanding that extended unemployment benefits be paid for, CNS News reported.

Why does Pelosi oppose measures that will create jobs and why would she oppose measures to pay for federal benefits?

According to the California Democrat, talk of job creation is simply a metaphor for “tax cuts to the rich” and Democrats simply aren’t concerned about paying for anything. After all, the federal government can simply print more money.

“The fact is — that the Republicans are not just asking for pay-fors. They keep moving the goalpost: and, ‘We want job creation,’ a euphemism for tax breaks for the rich, and, ‘We want to end regulation, clean air, clean water,’ you name it. They want to simplify life for those who would exploit. So it’s not just about the monetary offset,” she said.

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