Pedophiles Count on Abortion Providers to Cover Up their Crimes

Don’t try to tell me that abortion clinics aren’t staffed by monsters. Perhaps these monsters can be reformed and rejoin the civilized world (like Abby Johnson), but in many cases they continue in their evil lifestyle. We’ve brought you many cases of abortion clinic malfeasance over the last year, not of just grotesque abortion doctors like Kermit Gosnell, but of the employees who make Gosnell’s evil work possible. We’ve also brought you multiple cases of abortion providers choosing to break the law and not report the cases of young rape victims to the police… those poor children are inevitably assaulted again and again and again… all because the monsters at the abortion clinic wouldn’t call the authorities.

In fact so well known are the crimes of the abortion clinics, that other criminals count on them to help them cover up their crimes.

A recent report undertaken by LifeDynamics in Texas found that pedophiles rely on the help from abortion clinics to ensure that their crimes never come to light.

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