Pastor Suggests Christians Who Don’t Support Amnesty for Illegals Are Going to Hell

Rev. Dr. Gabriel Salguero, pastor of The Lamb’s Church in New York church wrote an op-ed chiding the Church for not getting into the big middle of the orchestrated illegal alien, Obama spawned, debacle on the border.

This dude sounds like a JLo-esque amnesty minister who’d like to keep this illegal horde rather than send them packing. He calls those who protest busing 1000s to various cities as ‘angry protestors who’re stoking flames of fear.’ From what I can tell, most of the protesters are law-abiding citizens tired of watching their tax dollars go down the crapper while illegals abuse the system.

What I find interesting is that he ends his misty eyed musing by quoting Jesus’ famous ‘sheep and the goats’ sermon that damns to hell the stubborn ‘goats’ who refuse to help those in need.

According to this gent Jesus was talking about illegal aliens pouring over our borders, flouting the rule of law. Check it out Clashers.

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