Pastor Argues that Defunding Planned Parenthood Could End National Debt

A Florida Pastor thinks he knows his numbers. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) better listen up to this guy. Dr. Craig Conner, Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Panama City, Florida has a solution to end the national debt once and for all – and “immediately”- according to him. He says that all you have to do is get rid of Planned Parenthood. Try to maintain composure – at least for a second. Let’s hear him out.

According to Pastor Connor, Planned Parenthood “wastes” over $540 million dollars of the federal budget, and the logic is, that’s “a lot” of money. Well, no one is going to argue that much moola isn’t a big number – but one does have to question the outlandish claims of it being the end all fix for our nation’s debt woes.

“You want to talk about reducing the national debt? We could reduce it overnight if they would defund this evil organization and put it on the national debt. Man, we could get out of debt immediately.”

Maybe Pastor Connor knows something about finance the rest of the world doesn’t know?

On the church’s website, it says that Mr. Connor holds degrees from Florida Baptist Theological College, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, the Master’s School of Divinity and Trinity Theological Seminary. Nope, no accounting degree mentioned. Where, then, is he getting his profound insights from? Mr. Connor doesn’t precisely say, but he does allude to one particular source on another issue.

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