Parents Lose Children Due to Fake Medical Diagnosis

A Virginia homeschool family has filed suit after a social worker allegedly concocted a false medical diagnosis that government bureaucrats used to take away their children.

The Home School Legal Defense Association is defending Lane Funkhauser and Susan Parker, and their children, whose names were redacted in the copy of the lawsuit released to WND.

HSLDA said all four family members were suffering health problems, making attendance at public school difficult. The parents decided to homeschool their two children and sent the public district appropriate notice.

School officials filed truancy charges, which were dismissed quickly. But in the process, social worker Michael Austin of the Clarke County Social Services agency intervened.

“Austin is not a doctor. He is not a nurse. He is not a psychologist. He is not a medical professional of any stripe,” HSLDA said. “But Austin determined that Susan was suffering from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. This outdated term refers to a psychological disorder in which a parent contends that her child is ill to draw attention to herself. It is extremely rare, and it requires a proper diagnosis by a qualified professional.”

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