Oprah’s Hawaii Neighbors Irate as Michelle’s Visit Destroys Business

First Lady Michelle Obama has stayed in Hawaii as a present from the president for her upcoming 50th birthday, which takes place on January 17. Mrs. Obama left the windward side of Oahu for the lush Maui Mountains and a visit to her affluent friend Oprah’s beautiful and secluded estate. Despite being located in an area of rolling hills and farms the locals call “upcountry,” local tourism is being negatively affected by the Michelle’s visit and the locals are not happy about it.

TMZ reports that local businesses are losing customers and their employees are showing up very late because of the added security and road shut downs in the area. Additionally, hiking trails that are popular with tourists have been shut down by the Secret Service and are not being used.

Oprah’s luxurious estate is where Michelle plans to spend the last few days of her birthday celebration before the White House has a “Snacking and Sipping” party, a move that has baffled many etiquette experts. If you got an invite to the dance party (remember, “Let’s Move!”) they recommend you eat dinner before you go.

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