Obama Paying Iran $1.7 Billion In Taxpayer Money As Part Of Nuke Deal

Severe tensions between Iran and the United States have existed since 1979. A despotic regime storming sovereign U.S. territory and kidnapping and holding American hostages for over a year will tend to leave a sour taste in mouths.

Still, the Obama Administration has worked relentlessly to cower to the rogue state that finances terrorism around the globe. Desperate to create a “legacy” at any cost to America or her allies, President Obama has secured a deal with Iran that releases economic sanctions on the fanatical regime in exchange for the mere promise by Iran to slow their march towards the development of a nuclear weapon. Despite assurances to the contrary by the State Department, the deal allows for no impromptu inspections to ensure Iranian compliance; we will have to merely take their word for it.

In exchange, the Obama Administration has unfrozen Iranian assets and released economic sanctions which have helped to hobble the regime that promises death and destruction to Israel and much of the West, including the U.S.

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