Obama’s Promised Civilian Police Force: It’s Happening Now

As widely reported this week, President Obama hosted several young YouTube “stars” last Thursday and fielded their questions about everything from drones to education. Why YouTube “stars”? Well, because these folks have anywhere from 2.5 to 8 million subscribers to their YouTube channels, that’s why. It’s a way to effectively get the propaganda out.

Obama wound up catching a fair amount of flak for sullying the office of the president in deigning to host what many consider to be cultural miscreants, and I suppose that’s appropriate. GloZell Green, a young black woman who wears bright green lipstick and whose YouTube channel is pretty much dedicated to the bizarre, is one of those David Johansen types who was bound and determined to become famous via any avenue available, short of becoming a spree killer.

While Green isn’t dealing hard drugs to kindergarteners or anything, her shtick is of questionable intellectual value, to say the least. Her first big YouTube “hit” involved “The Cinnamon Challenge,” in which an idiot (in this case, Green) swallows a spoonful of ground cinnamon; this elicits gagging, retching and coughing, which I surmise is supposed to be funny.

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