Obama’s Mentor Tells Middle East Media U.S. is a Major Terrorist Threat

One of President Barack Obama’s friends from his days as a community organizer and local politician gave Iran’s government-controlled news service an interview that appeared on Saturday throughout the Middle East. Former American radical and Weather Underground terrorist, Professor William Ayers, told Iran’s Fars News Agency in an interview on Saturday that the U.S. is a terrorist nation and the most serious threat to world peace.

Ayers, who is now retired from his professorship at the University of Illinois at Chicago, is best known as a radical leftist who during the turbulent 1970’s was involved in perpetrating terrorist bombings and other anti-American activities by his own admission. During young Barack Obama’s early days of campaigning, many believed he and Ayers and Ayers’ equally radical wife, Bernadette Dorn, also a Weather Underground terrorist, were close friends and that Ayers, along with Marxist author Saul Alinsky, had a huge influence in Obama’s political development.

“While Obama denies his close relationship with Ayers, according to a number of sources including the founder of Times Books — publisher of President Barack Obama’s autobiography Dreams From My Father — Thomas Lipscomb had dropped a huge bomb on the Obama White House. Now a senior fellow at the well-regarded Annenberg Center, Lipscomb contends that Obama’s story was actually ghostwritten by former terrorist and cop-killer William Ayers. However, Obama’s sycophants within most news outlets ignored the entire story,” according to Accuracy in Media.

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