Obamas Have Spent Over $44 MILLION in Taxpayer Dollars on Vacations

A shocking new report from government watchdog group Judicial Watch shows just how hypocritical and out of touch the Obamas are, particularly regarding the amount of taxpayer dollars spent on their vacation travel versus their constant talk about income inequality, the struggling middle class and the poor.

The outrageous sums of money that are spent on travel, by both Barack and Michelle, have led citizens to call for Congress to defund Michelle Obama‘s White House budget. Trey Gowdy has also proposed legislation that would defund Obama’s vacations, making him pay for them himself.

What makes the whole thing even more outrageous is that Michelle has the gall to complain that she rarely gets to travel out of the country. Mind you that statement was made on her recent trip to China, which was only a year removed from the family vacation to Africa that cost taxpayers nearly $100,000,000.

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